Events in Tallinn on the 23rd of August

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way a number of events will take place in Tallinn on the 23rd of August.

A film about Baltic Way by Toomas Lepp will be screened in the Museum of the Popular Front of Estonia at 13.00.

A conference about Baltic Way will take place and a thematic book by Küllo Arjakas will be presented followed by a reception, hosted by Tallinn mayor, in Tallinn Town Hall at 15.00.

An Open-air concert “The Baltics Are Waking up” (“Ärgake Baltimaad!”) will take place at the Freedom Square at 18.00. Audience will hear performances by well-known Estonian singers such as Anne Veski, Getter Jaani, Jassi Zahharov, Erich Krieger.

At 20.00 a free concert at the Nordea Kontserdimaja (Estonia pst 9)  will take place, where bands such as “Frankie Animal” and “Metsatöll” will attend.